My name is Gergő Villányi.

I am a counsellor in several topics, such as everyday problems, crises, communication, sexual health counselling, relationship counselling, couples counselling, digital media counselling

The boundaries separating our online and offline lives have been blurred by now, which can have positive outcomes in the same vein it causes problems. 

The most essential question to ask is: How can I create balance in my private life and career?

The majority of my clients turn to me with questions and issues concerning the topics sexuality, love, relationships, life design, related also to online activity, therefore I also put an ever growing emphasis on how these things cohere.

The solution is always individual-specific since we all have our own stories.

How do I work?

With you, together. If you are only interested in the affirmation of your self-established diagnosis (your partner has attachment issues/ you are hypersensitive, etc.) you will be disappointed.

However, if you prefer to be treated as an equal partner, to be honestly listened to, and your aim with the cooperation is to look for and realize the most suitable solution for you, feel free to contact me.

The conversations are personalized: in person or via Skype, flexibly. Send me an Ez az e-mail-cím a szpemrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát. now.

The consultations can be cancelled free of charge 48 hours before the appointment the latest, otherwise the whole cost should be paid.

What can we talk about?

Lifestyle, Everyday issues

You are not alone if there are situations, issues to be solved, events, surfacing questions, memories and difficult decisions in your life the consequences of which you have to face. You may feel that it is too hard for you or it takes too much time from you to solve these.

Sometimes close family members or acquaintances cannot help, since they might be affected.

We tend to carry more and more baggage like these with us. Because of this, the most ordinary challenges might appear in front of us as enormous mountains. Our energy resources can dry up in the struggle, and if the root of the problem is not revealed, the confusion it has caused becomes an ever increasing burden on us.

At times like this it is useful to contact an expert who is prepared to support the clients in discovering the root of their issue and help them towards the solution.

Virtuality and Reality

Many people express their worries that the achievements of the digital world and their ever growing role in human life might have unforeseeable consequences, subverting our value system drastically. Others are convinced about the opposite, stressing the benefits of the online world.

Too much of it - just like too much of anything - can influence our well-being, the way we feel, our self-confidence and our relationships, inducing negative changes in the long run.

By working up a sustainable state of balance, the offline life of the user/gamer will not fall victim to the usage of the digital world, so one's environment will also be able to tolerate one's digital habits.

During the process, it is also possible that the worried outsiders who do not feel at home in the digital world will themselves recognize that part of their presumed or real fears have roots in their own issues still waiting to be solved.

Sexuality and Relationships

Sexuality is one of the foot-stones of the relationship. It does not exclusively define it, but sensitively reflects if there is an issue in another aspect of the relationship. This sensitivity works in the opposite direction as well: if the issues within the relationship cause too much embarrassment, intimate moments spent together also start to ebb away.

In cases like this, the most important thing above all is that the couple should have energy and time for each other.

The power two mutually attentive people are able to channel into the work, which develops and enhances and in some cases improves the relationship they live in, should not be underestimated.

This is not only collective but individual development too. Motivation is also essential, since someone who won't make effort cannot be a partner to fly with, only someone we carry with ourselves for a certain period of time.

Why did I become a counsellor?

I have always listened to others with enjoyment and curiosity. After a while I realized that more and more people turn to me, even with issues they hadn't been able to or hadn't dared to share with anyone else before. I felt responsibility during these conversations in connection with how my questions and insights affected the particular person, so I soon started to dig into the different areas of psychology. I have considered it very important already from the start that besides the development of mutual trust, we learn from each other in each conversation through our experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Everybody is able to judge, it is easy to act clever. To understand why a situation has developed and to find an answer or a solution means challenge and responsibility, which can only be achieved by mutual trust. 

As I dug deeper and deeper into psychology and talked to more and more people, it impressed me that there aren't two stories which would be the same and thus there is no general formula for the solutions either. I recognized that there are answers to questions I previously considered taboo topics, and the breaking of the perplexing effect opens the door to new possibilities. 

I have first-hand experience of the positive and negative effects of the digital world, while I also learned that the state of controllessness is natural, just another human condition. There is a way back with plenty of valuable lessons to draw.

Nowadays the virtual world creeps into more and more fields of life, and this tendency seems only to grow. Therefore, instead of seclusion or drifting, we should consciously evaluate and shape the effect of the digital world on us, while we also take into consideration idiosyncrasies and age-specificities.

Although I still like to play in my free time and I am an active member of a gamer community, offline programs and entertainment of this sort also belong to my life by conscious choice, therefore a good conversation, concert, meeting or a new book can make me very happy. From time to time I take photos of clouds with interesting shapes.